Guest Bedroom Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2014

Inspired by Lake Tahoe's brilliant fall colors, this eclectic guest room has anything visitors might need to feel pampered and special. Exposed beams and a high ceiling allow for the use of a dramatic four-poster bed.

  • Guest bedroom

    A warm gray hue envelopes the walls of the guest bedroom, making the space feel cozy and inviting. Atop the gray base, interior designer Linda Woodrum incorporated linens and accent pieces inspired by brilliant fall leaves.

  • Guest bedroom toward window

    The exposed beams and high ceiling height allows for the use of a dramatic four-poster bed painted in a bright red-orange.

  • Bedroom toward nightstand

    Using a desk in place of traditional nightstands allows guests (or homeowners) to use the room as a mini office.

  • Bedroom toward bathroom-vert

    A bright mix of fabrics, from yellow chevron to brown tribal print to tangerine herringbone, invites guests to settle in and stay awhile.

  • Bathroom doorway

    In order to connect the two spaces, interior designer Linda Woodrum positioned the vibrant abstract art in the adjacent bathroom so it could be enjoyed from both rooms.

  • Detail-door

    All of the furniture in this space is painted, which keeps the pieces from appearing too weighty and keeps the room looking light and bright.

  • Bedroom toward tv

    A wall-mounted television offers guests their own private spot to enjoy a favorite show.

  • Detail-nightstand

    Stems of reddish-pink vanda orchids pick up on the bed's bright hue.

  • Canopy bed-wide

    Delicate, sparkling chandeliers hang at the perfect height for task lighting on either side of the four-poster bed.

  • Detail-lighting

    \"We had fun with the little chandeliers,\" says interior designer Linda Woodrum. \"It's unexpected.\"

  • Detail-artwork

    The artwork nestled in the tiny wall niche next to the bed was chosen not just for its coordinating colors and geometric patterns, but also for its perfect size and shape. Local Truckee, Calif. painter Carole Sesko, who also did the artwork in the adjacent guest bathroom, created this piece using acrylic paint and mixed media.

  • Bedroom toward window

    In a home defined by bringing the outdoors in, guests have their own window from which to enjoy the evergreens just outside. Layered curtains offer complete darkness and privacy for sleep and relaxation.

  • Detail-bed frame

    A preppy orange-and-white, barber pole-inspired rug adds color beneath the bed.

  • Dresser

    A hand-applied etched pattern gives this antiqued glass lamp its unique character. The delicate floral pattern is reminiscent of the shapes featured on the bedside chandeliers.

  • Sliding closet door

    A guest closet offers out-of-sight storage for clothing and luggage.

  • Bedroom toward window-low angle

    \"We wanted a very cozy, warm space,\" says interior designer Linda Woodrum. With vibrant colors, cozy patterns and eclectic accents, this guest room has anything visitors might need to feel special and pampered.

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