HGTV Dream Home 2012: Entertainment Deck Pictures

A modern fire pit area, connected to interior spaces via boardwalks, invites relaxation.

  • Covered porch

    Visible from the great room and borrowing its cool, calm color palette, the home's fire pit area commands attention.

  • Firepit and deck

    Durable, composite decking, with the look of weathered clapboard, serves as the base for this dynamic space, where custom benches and motion chairs carve out the seating area.

  • Covered porch

    Just steps from the great room, motion chairs preside over the entertainment deck and, from their perch, overlook the Provo River.

  • Wild Grass

    From the deck, the gentle ripple of the Provo River and rustle of natural meadow grasses lull the senses.

  • Dream home 2012 exterior

    Outdoor paths are constructed to resemble boardwalks that lead from interior spaces to the home's most prominent outdoor rooms.

  • Dream Home 2012 balcony

    The master suite balcony overlooks the entertainment deck, and enjoys a view of the fire pit and surrounding outdoor areas.

  • Dream home 2012 exterior

    A small side yard of Kentucky bluegrass requires little maintenance.

  • Dream home 2012 roof

    Eight panels comprise the home's grid-tie solar system, which will produce, on average, 3,492,320 watts of power per year.

  • Dream home 2012 balcony

    The fire pit area enjoys views of HGTV Dream Home's exterior spaces, including the second-floor guest suite's Juliet-style balcony.

  • Dream Home 2012 backyard

    By day, the entertainment deck provides a space for guests to relax and soak in Utah's glorious sunshine.

  • Dream home 2012 deck

    Interior designer Linda Woodrum's decision to extend the great room's color palette outdoors required restraint. \"You need to understand what you want to accomplish and stay on track. It's about editing and keeping yourself focused on what your initial response and ideas are,\" she says.

  • Dream Home 2012 exterior

    HGTV Dream Home 2012 is designed to resemble an old stone structure, expanded over time. A consistent color palette and repetition of textural elements unify the patchwork of spaces.

  • Dream Home 2012 exterior

    In the distant shadow of snowcapped mountains, the entertaining deck offers a warm and cozy respite even on the chilliest winter's evening.

  • Dream Home 2012 exterior

    A chiseled limestone step and path stones lead from the fire pit area to meadows and the Provo River trail beyond the property border.

  • Dream Home 2012 exterior

    Four separate gas units comprise the modern fire pit design. The Utah limestone-clad column is topped in a surface of limestone.

  • Firepit and backyard

    An ideal pairing of rustic and modern, candle pillars, placed in a distressed wood tray, echo the design of quartz-filled fireplace units.

  • Firepit and backyard

    With French doors open on north- and south-facing sides, a party can flow effortlessly from front porch to entertainment deck.

  • Firepit and backyard

    A clear glass surround protects gas flames while contributing to the deck's open fire experience.

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