HGTV Dream Home 2012: Changing Room Pictures

A cozy nook for the fly fisherman, this gateway space, stocked with fly-fishing supplies, leads to backyard spaces and the famed Provo River.

  • A quiet place of reflection and escape, the changing room offers a cozy leather chair and ottoman, perched in a corner and facing dramatic river views. A peg rail keeps waders, nets and hats at the ready.

  • Ornamentation is held down in this hobby and reading area; a potted dendrobium orchid and onion-jar lamp provide a decorative flourish while maintaining interior designer Linda Woodrum's clean and pared-down design approach.

  • The tiered dresser — a storage receptacle for tackle, ties and reading material — exemplifies American craftsmanship.

  • A low-growing bonsai adds a pop of fresh green color and echoes the look of vegetation that lines the river's edge.

  • Ottomans serve as tabletop surfaces or additional seating; lamb's wool throws lend texture and soften the room's masculine undertones.

  • Monotypes from artist Marshall Crossman's \"Beach Series\" feel right at home in a space dedicated to fly-fishing. The artist's palette of bright primary colors stands in contrast to the room's gray, black and lime-green palette.

  • Ghost nets, tie-adorned fishing caps, stockingfoots and vests double as wall adornment.

  • A late addition to the home design, a sauna room provides a warm and invigorating escape after a day spent on the Park City slopes.

  • The compact 3-by-5-foot space is clad, walls to ceiling, in tongue-and-grove air-cured red cedar boards. A travertine-tile floor complements the wood interior.

  • The wall-mounted sauna heater features built-in controls with a 60-minute timer and heat-tested igneous Finnish stones.

  • The ottoman's cheery graphic print is repeated in the trim of custom drapery. The soft heather shade of gray complements the wall and carpet colors.

  • Luxurious under foot, a bound broadloom carpet, placed over the travertine-tile floor, grounds the room's design.

  • Floor lamps lend architectural interest and, paired with traditional furnishings, contribute to the home's overall sense of evolved-over-time decor.

  • An iron cage chandelier, originally earmarked for a staircase landing, finds a home in the changing room. \"With all that gray color, having that punch of black and white is just perfect,\" says Linda. \"And it feels like the room.\"

  • Decorative display boxes, topped with a resin horn sculpture, become their own conversation piece when stacked pyramid-style.

  • Ready and waiting for the winner of HGTV Dream Home, a collection of ties, tucked securely in a fishing hat, takes pride of place in the changing room.

  • House planner Jack Thomasson shopped at Trout Bum 2 fly shop in Park City for fly-tying accessories. Forceps, scissors and a guidebook to Utah fishing are among accessories that comprise a makeshift tying station.

  • A fishing vest, complete with external pockets, serves as a display surface for more hand-fashioned ties.

  • \"The point of this room is: This house is situated on a river,\" says Linda. \"You can come in, tie flies and do all things related to outdoor activities in this room. And you have a nice chair to sit in, relax and read about fishing.\"

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