HGTV Dream Home 2009: Garage Interior Pictures

Cleverly concealed in a carriage house-style structure, the detached garage from HGTV Dream Home 2009 boasts ample parking and storage space.

  • The Go-To Place for Storage Space

    At first glance, the HGTV Dream Home 2009's detached garage looks very much like a guest cottage with construction details, light fixtures and landscaping that mirror those of the main house. However, a peek through the window reveals a utility space packed with storage options and enough space to shelter two large sport utility vehicles, bicycle racks and even a dream workshop.

  • Open and Shut Case

    The garage doors are powered by a LiftMaster screw drive garage door system, which provides quiet entry and exit.

  • Supersized

    The garage is designed to house two vehicles with plenty of storage room to spare.

  • storage serves as garage and workshop

    A Guy's Favorite Spot

    Locker-style storage with grey hammertone doors and drawer fronts serves both the home mechanic and handyman, who could easily convert the garage space into a woodshop. Bottom storage units and shelves can house everything from lawn equipment to power tools.

  • Organized and Out of Sight

    Cabinets and storage shelves keep paint, auto supplies, tools and hardware out of sight. Heavy duty hooks are provided to rack bikes or large lawn equipment, and mini metal bins serve as catchalls for small tools and other odds and ends. \"Garage storage is equal-opportunity storage space because it isn't connected to decorated living spaces in the house,\" explains house planner Jack Thomasson. \"It can serve as overflow storage for household items, as well as storage for hobby supplies and sports equipment. And having it organized behind cabinet doors keeps it all out of sight.\"

  • The Softer Side

    Pulling the SUV out of the garage? Watch out for the ornamental strawberries, planted down the center well of the driveway. \"To put turf down the driveway was so expected,\" adds Jack. \"The strawberry plants add an interesting dimension.\"

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