HGTV Dream Home 2004: House Front Pictures

Built to withstand harsh weather and deliver southern elegance, the view of this house will make you appreciate the fine craftsmanship involved with the construction.

Reinforced Pillars

As is common along the coast, the house sits on stilts that raise it above flood level. But these are not ordinary pillars; they are reinforced with steel and finished with 100-year-old brick from North Carolina. Tie-down steel cables run between the studs from floor to ceiling. \"The main thing we are trying to accomplish with the tie-down system is to create an anchor system from the foundation through the walls and to the roof,\" notes Bill.

All 60 windows are durable as well as stylish. \"The windows are made of an aluminum exterior, with wood on the inside,\" Bill says. \"The aluminum on the outside is for low maintenance.\"

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