HGTV Dream Home 2004: Great Room Pictures

The architecture and neutral tones with a burst of red, along with views of the natural environment, make this great room feel like home.

Inspired by Nature

The striking scenery of the marsh and tidal creek served as inspiration for interior designer Linda Woodrum. \"We started with neutral fabric on the upholstery and built from there, which is a great approach to decorating a room when you have something really spectacular you want to enhance.\" Linda borrowed from the colors and textures of the surrounding marsh grasses, leaves and trees and brought them indoors.

Rich Fabric and Textures

The upholstered furniture, wainscoting and upper walls are all neutral in color, allowing the outdoors to become the center attraction. But Linda paid particular care to the fabrics and how they contribute to the great room surroundings. \"The great herringbone weave, the wonderful chenille on the chair. Just a sort of subtle play of texture-on-texture. It makes it a really rich, comforting room that sets the stage for what's outside.\"

Built-In Window Seat

A built-in window seat with lots of pillows and two slipper chairs provides an added space to enjoy the view and could prove to be the most popular spot in the entire room. Deep in-wall bookshelves are another vintage touch that allow for one's favorite books and decor.

Red Accents

Not to be ignored is Linda's use of red as a strong accent color with the pillows and the eye-catching furnishing above the fireplace. \"The red makes the room come alive and feel alive,\" Linda says. \"The star is such a find. It is such a great thing when you come around the corner, don't know what to expect and you look up and there's a star.\"

Soaring Ceiling

The plank wood ceiling soars to the second and third floors. Visible from the great room is Dream Home 2004's signature feature: the cupola. Although only a glimpse, the three-floor view will make one's spirit soar.

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