HGTV Dream Home 2004: Victorian Master Bathroom

Through the French doors of the master bedroom is the gorgeous Victorian bathroom, a refreshing combination of new and old.

Vintage Bathtub

While there is a spacious tiled shower for modern convenience, the white beadboard walls and the big, old-fashioned claw-footed tub near the French doors to the hall give the room a lovely, vintage look.

French Door Curtains

\"We've curtained the French doors for privacy,\" says interior designer Linda Woodrum, \"but it's a wonderful way, at the end of a hall, to have light. Very dramatic, very unusual and kind of frivolous and fun.\" Although fashioned with a touch of whimsy, practicality and added privacy is afforded with the toilet (plus an additional window) in a private space at the far end of the bathroom.

Victorian Chandelier

The beautiful, traditional chandelier dripping with beads and a rustic finish adds such a sense of drama to the master bath.

Double Pedestal Sinks

Two pedestal sinks allude to the history of the house. Against the background of beadboard and crisp blue, these pieces of Victoriana create a rich and beautifully-detailed home.

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