HGTV Dream Home 2004: Tower Room Retreat Pictures

The crown jewel of Dream Home 2004, the tower room was designed to maximize the views.

Crown Jewel

The tower room is the crown jewel of Dream Home 2004. Architect Barry Coyle designed this room with delight, knowing the views — 45 feet off the ground — would be unparalleled. \"I wanted to play to the child in all of us,\" says Barry. \"I wanted the tower to feel that way. Every kid wants a treehouse, every kid wants to be in the tower. I call it my Swiss Family Robinson house.\"

Victorian Influence

The Victorian influence is evident from the moment you approach Dream Home 2004. \"You see it in several places,\" notes Barry. \"The exposed wood (of the front porch), a wonderful cupola, which is very Victorian; of course the porches and, my favorite, the tower.\"

Widow's Walk

\"The tower has a widow's walk, which is where the sea captain's wives would stand to watch the ships come in. And when you are up there, you have a wonderful view,\" Barry says.

Breathtaking Panoramas

The interior was architecturally designed to capture the essence of the past, while showcasing the breathtaking panoramas you see every day. \"One of the key things I wanted to do with the design of this house was to maximize the view,\" continues Barry. From the moment you arrive at the top of the stairs in the tower you are surrounded by windows with panoramic views.

Bold Colors

A subtle addition to the drama of the outdoors is the exposed wood ceiling, handsome blinds and comfortable furniture, transforming a showcase room into a cozy retreat. Contrasting from the neutral tones of the great room, interior designer Linda Woodrum amplifies the impact of the room with bold colors, distinctive furniture and prominent prints that blend well with the dark wainscoting — yet another departure from the whitewashed beadboard found throughout the home.

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