HGTV Dream Home 2003: Great Room Pictures

Part living room, part dining room and part kitchen, the great room from HGTV Dream Home 2003 has a stunning tropical design to behold.

Dramatic Rafters

This great room's functionality makes a strong impression, saying simple themes dominate — a symbiotic relationship with the outdoors, symmetrical lines and balance. Designer Linda Woodrum emphasizes that beyond the gorgeous simplicity are many \"visual vignettes that are almost like being underwater. \"It's like a painting — your eyes want to keep traveling ... they don't want to stop,\" she says.

Additional Storage

Dressers don't just belong in the bedroom — they are a great way to add extra storage to any room. The dining area is framed by twin dressers. The breathtaking views of the bay are visible from here, as well as the lush growth that greets visitors at the front of the house.

Candlelit Dining

The dining table is adorned with imported French candlesticks that are reportedly 200 years old and add a light, whimsical feel to the room.

Natural Touch

Randy, like Linda, embraces the sense of both security and drama that the room exudes. \"I can imagine the house at night, before a thunderstorm... going through the actions of closing the room up, then sitting down in front of the windows and watching the lightning play out across the bay,\" he says.

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