HGTV Dream Home 2008: Guest Bedroom Pictures

The guest bedroom blends tropical colors with black-and-white accents, modern touches with classical styles, and a mix of shapes, textures and materials. But the first thing visitors notice is the eye-popping green color.

  • Four Poster Bed With a Pop of Color

    The pillows are covered with a coarse canvas-like white fabric, with dual black lines along the edges, echoing the pattern of the curtains. Shocking pink duvets at the head and foot of the bed are combined with a quilt featuring colorful sand dollar-sized circles on a black background. The effect is casual, elegant and a little playful.

    \"The color is my favorite part of the room,\" says interior designer Linda Woodrum. \"It's strong but appealing, and it's balanced by the blacks and whites.\"

  • Mix and Match Nightstands

    The artwork mixes colors and shapes; frames are square, circular and oval. On the wall beside the head of the bed, four matching flat-black frames contain black-and-white prints of starfish and an octopus. The tables are decorated with a glass vase on each containing lilies. Woven storage boxes and photo frames complete the table set-ups.

  • Lounge Away

    Circular frames in antique white display sketches of sea coral done in green and yellow. White trim runs along the doorways and baseboards. White translucent curtains in a textured lightweight fabric have black parallel lines along the borders and are topped with matching valences. A valance also tops the doorway leading into the closet and bathroom. \"It unifies the openings and adds balance in the room,\" says Linda.

  • A Vintage Highboy Dresser

    A vintage highboy dresser with seven drawers features curved legs, dark pewter hardware and a seashell design carved into the bottom center drawer.

  • Walk-In Closet With Organizer

    A doorway leads to the walk-in closet outfitted with a custom organizer featuring shelves, bins and hanging areas for long and short items.

  • Clean, White Space

    The double-length vanity is topped with a thick white countertop and under-mounted porcelain sinks. An oval mirror centered above the vanity in a seashell frame hangs from a neon green ribbon. Two simple starfish prints, black-and-white in flat-black frames with thin white lines around the edges, are placed vertically above the toilet.

    \"It's simple, utilitarian, with those fabulous windows over the sink,\" says Linda. \"I love how it's so clean and crisp.\"

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