HGTV Dream Home 2006: Dining Room Pictures

Designer Linda Woodrum brings the outdoors in with her color palette for the dining room of the HGTV Dream Home 2006.

  • Outdoor Colors

    A floor-to-ceiling window in the dining room \"puts you right outside\" when you dine, says designer Linda Woodrum. To find her inspiration for the color palette, Woodrum simply looked out the window. As a result, woodsy browns, greens and creams dominate, accented with splashes of red and gold. While it's autumn in the kitchen and summer in the master suite, it's decidedly spring in the dining room, with rich green curtains, the warm mocha tablecloth and rug.

  • Table for Twelve

    Woodrum chose a large round table for the dining room to mirror the shape of the circular wrought iron chandelier above it. The circular shapes are important in a room filled with the sharp angles of the peaked ceiling and the strong rectangles and squares of the windows and adjoining staircase. She purchased a 60-inch round table for the dining room and then added a 72-inch top to extend the table's diameter by an additional 12 inches. She skirted it with fabric and then placed a custom-made glass top over the entire thing for an elegant (and easy to care for) look. The larger table can easily seat 12.

  • Casual Arrangements

    \"Rather than have the dining room table become a catch-all for all the junk in the house, make sure it looks good when you walk in,\" says Woodrum. A lifelike sculpture of a playful beagle puppy on the table is HGTV host Joan Steffend’s favorite thing in the house. \"I just want to rub that round belly,\" she says. A beautiful semi-abstract painting in a recessed alcove captures the eye with strong shades of green, red and gold. Woodrum saw a smaller version of the painting in an art gallery, and asked the artist to create a similar piece on a larger scale. The images of trees outlined against a colorful sky mirrors the images outside the dining room window.

    Everything in the room is \"a support system\" for the scene unfolding outside the enormous window, Woodrum says. \"All this has to be rich, wonderful, welcoming – but that view has to dominate.\"

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