HGTV Dream Home 2006: Outdoor Living Space Pictures

The outdoor living area offers the best opportunity for appreciating the very special natural materials and unique craftsmanship that went into constructing the HGTV Dream Home 2006.

  • Mountain and Lake Views

    The heart of this mountain retreat is actually not indoors, but outside, in the magnificent outdoor living room/dining room more familiarly known as a \"dogtrot.\" Back in the day, a \"dogtrot\" was a covered outdoor area in which the dogs could be let loose for a walk on rainy days. \"It's what makes this house a Southern Appalachian dream,\" says architect Parker Platt.

    Indeed, the climate in the mountains here is mild enough to permit year-round use of the outdoor spaces, and the enormous outdoor fireplace and soaring peaked roof offer the opportunity to stay warm outdoors on cool days or cool on warm days. A stone ledge that runs along the perimeter of the terrace provides built-in seating. \"You don't have to worry about moving furniture in and out. It's always there and always accessible, just like the view,\" says Linda Woodrum.

  • Great Outdoors

    A custom-made dining table dominates the left side of the outdoor living area, and a door into the kitchen provides easy access for entertaining. The tabletop is vintage heart pine, salvaged from an old textile mill. Each board is nine inches wide and more than two inches thick. Local cabinetmaker Rob Childress finished the tabletop with three coats of oil and a fine coat of polyurethane. The table legs are made of locust, to match the railings on the terrace, but here the locust is sanded smooth. Designer Linda Woodrum chose comfortable wicker chairs in a muted shade of orange for the seating.

  • Stones and Timbers

    On the right side of the dogtrot looms a stacked stone fireplace made from local Appalachian granite, the twin to the fireplace in the home's living room. A wicker love seat and two armchairs surround a rustic pine coffee table in front of the fireplace. Cushions and throw pillows in warm browns, oranges, yellows and red continue the autumnal feel of this space. Two faux bois concrete side chairs sit on opposite sides of the outdoor living area, a preview of the many faux bois elements inside the home. A built-in Wolf grill, complete with burners, is set just around the corner from the fireplace.

  • Sit and Stay Awhile

    Several steps below the outdoor living room is the wide terrace porch. Low built-in seating, bark-covered railings and the complete lack of any other furnishings make this space feel like part of the view itself, a natural spot in which to fully experience these mountains versus just gazing at them.

    Stairs to the left of the terrace lead down to the lower level patio, and to a cozy campfire area. As more evidence that the HGTV Dream Home planners truly did think of everything, this spot offers a circle of large boulders surrounding a stone fire pit—the perfect spot for roasting marshmallows on cool evenings.

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