HGTV Dream Home 2008: Entertainment Room Pictures

Turquoise cushions, seashell-filled vases and wicker baskets give a beachy feel to this tranquil resting space.

  • Touch of Aqua

    Dark hardwood floors lead into the first-floor entertaining area, a square room painted eggshell white, with the same shade on the walls and ceilings. \"The room is almost totally colorless, except for a pop of aqua,\" says interior designer Linda Woodrum. Her goal was to create a multi-functional room, easily adapted for a variety of uses. A set of six large wicker chairs are fitted with fat, comfortable paisley cushions. Six individual chairs lend more flexibility to the room than a sofa-loveseat combo. \"The chairs are easy to move. You can set it up as a social area, or line the seating up in rows to create a media room. You can also just remove all the furnishings, turn up the music and dance.\"

  • Glass Top Coffee Table

    The flexibility extends to the coffee table, which is actually made up of four small square glass-topped white tables. The bottoms are slats, providing a seaside theme. Accessories include two large glass candle jars with white candles nestled into bottoms filled with speckled shells. The jars are set in a large brown wicker basket, which could also be used as a serving tray for movie nights or sports events. A large bowl with a hint of green is filled with conch shells. Three large pale blue glass vases sit above a dark wicker basket filled with white artificial corals.

  • High Definition Flat Screen

    The 50-inch high-definition flat screen TV is mounted solidly to the wall behind with an adjustable bracket. The shelf is a set of three brown shelves, running across the wall and breaking up the white space. \"It integrates the flat screen into the whole wall, so it's not so stark,\" says Linda. The TV is flanked by two large seashell prints, with distressed light-brown frames. Three smaller prints are centered below, with wide white matting and silvery frames.

  • Rear Seating Area

    The rear seating area has two chairs flanked by dark brown tri-level end tables. Each end table is topped with a sleek, modern chrome lamp. The lamps are adjustable and can aim light in just about any direction. A dark brown sideboard sits at the back of the room. Three small pale blue globe vases are filled with fresh local plant clippings.

  • Hutch for Storage and Entertaining

    A large hutch is filled with turquoise serving pieces including bowls, plates, platters and napkins, along with clear beverage and wine glasses. A wicker basket holds a stack of turquoise and white napkins. \"The hutch is perfect for storing dishes for outdoor dining, and the sideboard can be used for serving,\" says Linda.

  • Easy Access to the Beach

    The word \"bay\" is spelled out in large silver letters just to the left of two French doors, with views of the sandy beach and the clear bluish-green water of the Florida Bay. Two baskets, one green and one wicker, contain colorful pastel towels in vivid pink and cool blue, perfect for grabbing on your way out the door for a swim in the warm waters.

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