HGTV Dream Home 2008: Entertainment Room Pictures

Turquoise cushions, seashell-filled vases and wicker baskets give a beachy feel to this tranquil resting space.

Touch of Aqua

Dark hardwood floors lead into the first-floor entertaining area, a square room painted eggshell white, with the same shade on the walls and ceilings. \"The room is almost totally colorless, except for a pop of aqua,\" says interior designer Linda Woodrum. Her goal was to create a multi-functional room, easily adapted for a variety of uses. A set of six large wicker chairs are fitted with fat, comfortable paisley cushions. Six individual chairs lend more flexibility to the room than a sofa-loveseat combo. \"The chairs are easy to move. You can set it up as a social area, or line the seating up in rows to create a media room. You can also just remove all the furnishings, turn up the music and dance.\"

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