HGTV Dream Home 2005: Home Office and E-Library Pictures

By adding all the elements in today's technology, HGTV Dream Home 2005 features a Smarthome E-Library for technologically-savvy homeowners.

  • Three Web Stations

    Featuring three web stations, everyone in the family can have access to the Internet, which means a lot of harmonious surfing. This room was designed as a library but also with the intent of serving as central command for the various computer systems that make HGTV Dream Home 2005 the smartest dream home built to date.

  • Plenty of Bookshelves

    \"We've taken a traditional study and turned it into so much more,\" house planner Jack Thomasson says. \"By adding all of the elements in today's technology ... this room can be used for kids doing homework, adults doing research.\" By wiring this study for an Internet experience everyone can share in, plus filling the room with handsome bookshelves, the builder went above and beyond to create a space that can be fully utilized.

  • Control Center

    \"There's a small desktop-like screen that you can carry around the house with you and control audio, lighting, security,\" Mahaffey says. \"You can turn lights on and off in different rooms. You can turn on music in different rooms. You can even control a camera in the E-library to make sure your kids are doing their homework.\" This capability can be used anywhere you'd like a camera — the baby's room, the front door, by the dock house or wherever you might choose.

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