HGTV Dream Home 2007: Bunk Room Pictures

The HGTV Dream Home 2007 sleeping space is designed with twig-style furniture and other fun kid-friendly features for a fun overnight adventure.

Bunkhouse Motif

The downstairs bedroom in HGTV Dream Home 2007 is known as \"the bunk room,\" so designer Linda Woodrum chose a junior-size bunkhouse motif for this cozy kids' room. It's the only room in the house with a white ceiling, because Linda wanted to set off the fun faux-wood wallpaper that's the backdrop for all the whimsical, kid-friendly details of this snug nook.

Natural Look

The room sleeps four in a pair of one-of-a-kind bunk beds made from tree branches. Each bed has its own freshly whittled ladder, and one of the bedposts has extra branches for hanging coonskin caps or Little League baseball hats.

Matching Bedspreads

Both beds are dressed with cream-colored bedspreads and black and tan pillow shams that harmonize with the faux knotty pine walls. Solid throw pillows in black, tan and green complete the beds that will likely be transformed into makeshift forts by a young broncobuster or two.

Kid-Sized Space

Everything in the room is kid-sized, from the pair of skis leaning jauntily in the corner to the plaid-covered club chair where wee ranch hands can pause to pull on their cowboy boots. Just above the chair hangs a pair of comical stuffed animal heads — one a bison, the other a Bullwinkle-esque moose.

Functional Furniture

The rest of the furniture is fun and functional, too. To maximize play space, the bureau doubles as a nightstand between the bunk beds, and a wooden CD cabinet makes a sturdy side table. The floor is covered in easy-to-clean, low-pile carpeting. Although this room is made for the younger set, the bunkhouse calls out to the kid in all of us.

Stylish Storage

Near the foot of the beds, the chocolate brown storage hutch is perfect for stockpiling children's books and displaying treasured toys. Linda has filled it with antique toys, topped it with a tin fire truck and placed framed cowboy prints on either side.

Bunk Bathroom

There's ample storage in the bathroom's cherry wood cabinets. An inset sink and bronze fixtures modernize the bunk-style space.

Shower Space

Beige tiles in the shower add to the bathroom's relaxing feel, along with an oversized shower nozzle.

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