HGTV Dream Home 2007: Master Bathroom Pictures

The master bathroom suite and walk-in closet combine both romantic and rustic design elements. HGTV Dream Home 2007 interior designer Linda Woodrum shares her design secrets for this inspirational space.

  • Simple Neutrals

    Neutral colors can make a room as elegant and classic as bold colors. The tumbled marble floor is a checkerboard of nature's browns, tans and taupes repeated in the standing shower surround.

  • Gorgeous Views

    Windows in the shower provide views of the outside and allow natural light to shine in, while still maintaining privacy.

  • Spa-Inspired Tub

    A glamorous raised spa tub is paneled in marble and fronted by a wide window that affords yet another view of the woods outside. The window, like the taller ones across the room, is dressed in the same velvet as the bedroom.

  • Romantic Additions

    For the HGTV Dream Home 2007 master bath, designer Linda Woodrum created a symphony of soft silk, cotton and velvet contrasted by rugged iron, wood and wicker. Reporting contributed by Robrt Pela.

  • Convenient Closet

    The master closet, offset from the bathroom, has enough hanging and shelf space for two large wardrobes. Having the walk-in closet off the bathroom is an arrangement Linda loves. \"This is the perfect setup if you want to shower and dress without waking someone who's asleep in the next room,\" she says. Reporting contributed by Robrt Pela.

  • Glowing Candelabra

    Above the tub, a romantic hanging candelabra glows with dozens of candles. More candles, on stone soap dishes made to look like wood, adorn the Silestone countertop. Reporting contributed by Robrt Pela.

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