Dream Home Dining Rooms Review

Here are dining rooms to die for from past Dream Homes.

  • 01-Dining-Room-wide

    The 2010 Dream Home dining room table and chairs parallel the wood ceiling and outline the clean, sparse lines of this contemporary space.

  • red dining room walls stimulate the appetite

    Inviting and elegant, the 2009 dining room presents a signature art piece and chandelier enhanced by warm taupe and firewood-red accents and color.

  • The dining room furniture complements the family room decor in this 2008 open floor plan.

  • A welcoming sight, the rustic lantern chandelier defines the dining room as its own space, independent of the kitchen and family room.

  • The 2007 Dream Home dining room features earth tones of chestnut and wheat balanced by cream seat cushions and bright dining ware.

  • Tucked in a naturally lit nook, the 2006 dining room offers an elegant retreat for family and guests.

  • The round dining table displays a charismatic centerpiece and offsets beautiful artwork.

  • Cascading draperies paired with bright flowers and wall art bring light to the 2004 Dream Home dining room.

  • Accentuating the 2003 dining room's height, the single candle pillar and vertical wood paneling add warmth and contrast to the white chairs and window framing.

  • This rustic dining room is an extension of the great room in the 2005 house. Mixing traditional dining chairs with arm chairs brings an unexpected touch to a shabby chic space.

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