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Brother Vs. Brother Wants to Upgrade Your Home!

HGTV and is looking for homeowners in the greater Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area, whose homes need improvement and would like to take part in the second season of the design competition show, Brother vs. Brother. Homes will be renovated by a team of designers.

This second season of the hit series is looking for single-family homes in a variety of styles including ranch-style homes, beach houses, modern, Spanish Colonial, Monterey, Greek Revival, Tudor, Gothic, Stick Style, Colonial, bungalow, Craftsman and Art Deco. Other styles are welcome for consideration as well. We're planning on shooting during January through mid-February, 2014.

If this sounds like you, HGTV wants to hear your story and see your property!

Please send an email to and include all of the following information in your email in order to be considered for the show:

  • Complete contact information including your full name, address, phone/cell and email address
  • A short description of your family living situation
  • A recent photo of everyone currently living in the home
  • A short description of your property and your property enhancement ideas
  • Two or three photos of every room in your home including bathrooms
  • At least one photo of the front of the house
  • At least one photo of the back of the house
  • Any relevant information about your situation, current needs or desires with your property (such as wanting to move in the near future, you're underwater on your mortgage, you want to refinance at a lower rate but need to increase the property value first, etc.)
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