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Festive Front Porch

A few special decorating tips will add even more holiday cheer to your front entryway.

Jo-Anna Rooney, A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Materials Needed:

  • 24 shatterproof ornaments, extra-large in size: split between red and silver
  • decorative branches in red and silver
  • 3 strands of evergreen garland
  • 2 short strands of white twinkly lights
  • 2 silver bows
  • 2 spools of thick ribbon to wrap around planters

Establish Color Scheme

For maximum visual impact, choose two main colors to work with and one accent. This porch is silver and red with a bit of evergreen. Then repurpose existing materials: Use big flower pots as a base and fill them with evergreen garland, huge ornaments, sparkly twigs and white lights.

Tie It All Together

Another decorating tip is to repeat a few elements. This project used evergreen garland along the porch railing, which mirrored the green in the planters. The ornaments were also hung from the roof and featured in the red and green wreath on the door.

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