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HGTV's Employee Crusaders

HGTV is proud to honor our employees who are Changing the World in their communities.

HGTV Employee Crusader:
Jerilyn Bliss, Vice President, Corporate Communications

Jerilyn served as the marketing chair for the 2009 United Way campaign, helping to raise $11.8 million for nearly 150 partner programs. She also donates time to many of UW’s partner organizations, including teaching line dancing, bowling with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, doing landscaping and general maintenance with Child and Family Services and the American Red Cross.

"It's truly fantastic to work for an organization like Scripps Networks that supports giving to the community in various ways," Jerilyn says. "I like being involved with United Way, as it allows me to help out several organizations that work in concert to build a stable and vital community."

HGTV Employee Crusader
Brittini Ellington, Office Manager, New York City

Brittini works with the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City, assisting with the meal delivery program. Additionally, she does computer work for Rescue Ink, an animal rescue organization. In 2008, Brittani traveled to New Orleans and worked with On Site Relief doing repair work for a family whose home was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

HGTV Employee Crusader
Jeffery Kissinger, Vice President, Interactive Marketing

Jeffery has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee for the last year and a half.

"The purpose of the organization is simple but powerful: to create lasting community change by providing adult mentors for the children who need them the most," Jeffery says. "To see the difference it makes in a child’s life has been truly rewarding. And what makes it extra special is how my Scripps Networks colleagues and co-workers have joined me in supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Whatever initiative I'm working on, they are there to help, like the Bowl For Kids' Sake fundraiser. We raised enough dollars to make several mentor-child matches and had fun at the same time."

HGTV Employee Crusader
Sonya Sampson, Office Manager, Los Angeles

In August 2009, Sonja and 11 family members, including her 85-year-old parents, formed Heal Our Land Service Network Team (HOLSN), a non-profit organization, and accepted a challenge by Maranatha Volunteers International to build a school in Chimoio, Mozambique, a country torn by war and cripped by illiteracy. The participants of HOLSN raised $25,840 for the building of the new structure and donated labor.

"Our goal is to provide suitable facilities for children and adults, especially females to learn and become self-sufficient," Sonya says. "We want to establish good will, positive working relationships and friendships between African-Americans and our African brothers and sisters."

HGTV Employee Crusader
Tim Harty, Director of Engineering

Employee crusader, Tim Harty, is actively involved with Family Promise of Knoxville (FPK), a local non-profit organization that unites the faith community and other area social services to provide shelter, meals and comprehensive support to families without homes, enabling them to achieve sustainable independence. Tim works as a host coordinator and also serves on the FPK Board of Directors.

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