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Change the World: Los Angeles

What's there:

New Directions became the first social-service agency in the nation to establish a residential treatment program for female veterans who struggle with homelessness, trauma and addiction. Providing a haven of safety, shelter and support since 1992, the New Directions Mitchell House is home to as many as 17 women at a time. Each client receives vocational assistance, computer instruction and individual counseling sessions and also participates in recovery groups and classes on parenting and anger management.

What's needed:

The home, built in 1939, has a small kitchen connected to what has become the dining area. Measuring only 160 square feet, the kitchen is too small for 17 women to move around each other during nightly meal preparation and clean-up. In addition, it doesn't provide easy access from the dining area.

New Directions Mitchell House needs:

  • Remodeled kitchen with an open layout and energy-efficient appliances.
  • New flooring.
  • Upgraded air conditioning unit.
  • Fresh coat of paint.

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