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Change the World: Detroit

What's there:

The Keane-Rankin Disabled American Veterans (DAV) facility helps wounded veterans get the services they need. There, veterans from WWII to Operation Iraqi Freedom receive everything from psychological counseling to a simple hot meal.

This historical building was once the hub of Detroit's Westside, housing the most elite black social and professional club in the city, the Cotillion Club. Since purchasing the building in 2005, the organization has rehabbed the 1940s structure in the hope of restoring the building's role as a community pillar — this time serving the needs of Michigan's first and largest DAV chapter.

What's needed:

Although perfect in size, location and utility for the DAV, the Keane-Rankin facility presents a tremendous challenge to the disabled. Access to the facility is limited to a steep set of stairs. The club needs:

  • Wheelchair-access ramp.
  • Upgrades to the social room, including fresh paint and furnishings.

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