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Change the World: Philadelphia

What's there:

In the historic Frankford District of Philadelphia, the house at 4245 Romain St. is home to transitioning veterans, part of a program operated by the Pennsylvania American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans Corporation. In the three-bedroom townhouse, homeless veterans receive food and shelter plus help finding work and a permanent place to live. While in the program, residents share in the cooking and cleaning and maintenance of the house. Since 1994, nearly 400 veterans have successfully left the program and have gone on to become productive members of the workforce.

What's needed:

Like most homes that are more than 70 years old, the house on Romain Street suffers from severe energy inefficiencies. The Housing for Homeless Veterans Corporation needs:

  • Renovations designed to increase the home's utility and efficiency.
  • A new kitchen including upgraded Energy-Star-rated appliances and CFL lighting.
  • New insulation and windows.
  • Renovations to the second bathroom to improve accessibility for disabled veterans.

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