HGTV's Property Brothers Bring the Fun to Home Reno

What good is all work and no play? Check out these goofy behind-the-scenes shots of HGTV's Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott having fun while they buy, sell and renovate houses.

  • HBUSE301_

    \"Smile, Drew!\"

    Navigating the real estate market can be trying. Jonathan attempts to cheer Drew up by pinching his cheeks and letting him know how cute he is in that plaid tie.

  • HBUSE303_

    Singing Scott-sman

    Paint roller or microphone? Jonathan says both. Painting is so much less tedious with a Scott brother to serenade you.

  • Try Before You Buy

    It only makes sense to try a product before you buy it. Jonathan proves that this tub in plenty big while shopping for bathroom fixtures.

  • Fashion Policing

    Drew and Jonathan Scott stay stylish while getting the job done as they host shows like HGTV's Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother and Pumpkin Wars.

  • HBUSE301_

    Joy Ride

    Drew couldn't resist taking this kid-size four-wheeler for a spin before putting the family's house on the market.

  • Pillow Fight

    A mark of quality in decorative throw pillows is their ability to withstand a few good pillow fights. The Brothers take a break from staging this room to pelt each other with sofa pillows.

  • Luau Time

    After revealing this renovated home on HGTV's Property Brothers, Jonathan stripped down to a grass skirt and coconut bra, but he couldn't be parted from his work boots. Drew was not impressed.

  • King Drew and His Apprentice

    Drew took this little guy shopping for furniture and believes he'll make a great real estate agent when he grows up.

  • Future Renovator

    But Jonathan thinks he'd make a better DIY-er. He's already got his first set of tools.

  • Taking a Dip

    There's no better way to test out a new in-ground pool than to push your brother in. Jonathan surprised the homeowners by pushing Drew into the water, but Drew made sure to take Jonathan down with him.

  • HBUSE301_

    Big Fork, Small Jonathan

    Jonathan thought this fork made for a cool decorative piece, but found it less practical for everyday use.

  • HBUSE303_

    Big Drew, Small Chair

    This particular reclining chair might be better suited for someone who's not over six feet tall.

  • Strength Challenge

    Amid a kitchen overhaul, Jonathan breaks for a quick arm wrestling match with eight-year-old Zion Matamoro.

  • Petting Zoo

    Jonathan attempts to pacify both his brother and the family dog in a house the Brothers renovated and sold on HGTV's Buying and Selling.

  • Drew the Dog

    Drew demonstrates how even the dog will be comfortable in this newly-remodeled home.

  • Fun and Games

    Before starting the demolition process, the Brothers play a game of living-room soccer with a bouncy ball.

  • Dated Disbelief

    Drew and Jonathan couldn't believe how dated this house was. The light fixture was one of the first things to go.

  • Unexpected Workout

    Jonathan worked on his biceps by lifting the homeowners' two daughters after revealing this renovated room to their family.

  • HBUSE303_

    Brotherly Love

    The Brothers disagreed over whether to play video games or watch TV before throwing out this oversized sofa.

  • HBUSE301_

    Nap Time

    Jonathan was so exhausted after explaining how to install these hardwood floors to the homeowner that he needed to lie down. Fortunately the camera crew caught the entire incident.

  • Scripps Network/HGTV Pumpkin Wars

    Pies for Charity

    Drew gave a donation to a group raising money for cystic fibrosis research and got to smash a pie in this college student's face in exchange on HGTV's Pumpkin Wars.

  • Share the Cookies

    Drew tries to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar after this little girl grabs a couple of her own.

  • HBUSE301_

    What a Charmer

    Jonathan, the perpetual romantic, snatches a flower from this unique living room vase and strikes a provocative pose.

  • HPBRS601_

    Wearing His Welcome Out

    Wanting to be extra hospitable for a home tour, Drew donned a \"Welcome\" sign as a fashion accessory. Jonathan wasn't sure this was the best tactic to draw people in.

  • Brotherly Brawl

    Drew and Jonathan still wrestle like when they were kids, the only difference being Drew wears a suit now.

  • HBUSE302_

    Rough Tumble

    In an attempt to impress this family, Jonathan attempts a cartwheel. He doesn't quite succeed.

  • None for Drew

    Inspired by this homeowner's new kitchen, Jonathan decides to whip up a batch of cookies. Here he makes it clear that the cookies were for the family, not for Drew.

  • HPBRS601_

    Healthy Snack on Set

    Drew seems confused by Jonathan's snack of choice during the filming an episode of Property Brothers.

  • Done With Demo

    Demolition can be tiring, especially when you're tearing a room down to its bare bones. Jonathan and this homeowner had to take a short break while removing the hideous pink tile of this bathroom.

  • Brothers Behind Bars

    The Brothers imagine living in a house this dated would feel like being trapped in the 1970s.

  • Pie Eater

    Jonathan had no reservations about digging into this pumpkin pie during a pie-eating contest in 2012 on HGTV's Pumpkin Wars.

  • Battle of the Brothers

    In the Brothers' latest show, HGTV's Brother vs. Brother, Drew and Jonathan show their sibling rivalry is alive and well as they coach opposing teams in home renovation challenges.

  • Producer Tug-of-war

    They even feud behind the scenes as they vie over Brother vs. Brother co-executive producer Nina Joseph.

  • HBUSE301_

    Perfect Team

    Despite their shenanigans and competition, in the end, Drew and Jonathan always get the job done.

  • HBUSE301_

    Scott Brother Selfies

    The Brothers aren't shy about uploading behind-the-scenes photos of themselves to social media. For more photos like this, follow Drew (@mrdrewscott) and Jonathan (@mysilverscott) on Instagram. For more photos of their renovations, follow HGTV (@hgtv) on Instagram.

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