The World's Most Amazing Water Homes

These spaces make a splash — literally! Go inside, around and through some of the coolest water features, as seen on Amazing Water Homes.

  • Patio With a View

    Guests on the patio enjoy the palm tree-studded view at the Jameson residence.

  • Set in Stone

    The stone features in the Jameson pool create a stunning focal point.

  • Lap of Luxury

    The pool at Casa Kimball is inviting with blue and green tiles.

  • Nautical Style

    The S.S. Yankee boathouse is an eclectic mix of tradition and whimsy.

  • The Stein Way Houseboat

    The Stein Way houseboat sparkles on the water. The Steiner family spends about seven months out of the year here.

  • Pier One

    Homeowners Bill and Alison Huggins get ready to catch dinner off their pier on Jonathan Island.

  • Ohio Water Wonderland

    The Skilken home's organic glass shape, designed by renowned architect Bart Prince, shimmers in the sun.

  • Pretty Passages

    Though the Skilken home is located in Ohio, it features lush passages with a tropical feel.

  • The Crown Jewel Pool

    This 75-foot indoor pool, which spans the entire length of the lower level, is the centerpiece of the Skilken home. The tile on the bottom forms a beautiful aquatic design.

  • Dream Steam Room

    The tile in the Skilken's steam room also reflects the tropical ambiance of the passages and pool.

  • Checkmate

    This giant chessboard is just one of the many entertaining attractions at the Skilken home.

  • Water Attractions

    A diving platform and waterslides into the home's lake make the Skilken home feel like a theme park.

  • 10 Green Cay

    Green Cay Estate

    This boomerang-shaped beach house in the Virgin Islands has a swimming pool at the tip and a point that directs the views to sand and surf. The design allows each room to have walls of windows facing the ocean, giving island views from just about every vantage point in the entire house!

  • 10 Green Cay

    Welcoming Entrance

    The St. Croix estate, designed by architect George Ashley, really takes advantage of all the angles and wind flow.

  • 10 Green Cay

    Easy Breezy

    The estate's patio is perfect for gazing at the Caribbean and enjoying the trade winds.

  • 10 Green Cay

    Alluring Illusion

    The pool blends with the sea here at the tip of the home.

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