Tiffany's Best HGTV Star Designs

Relive the top moments from HGTV Star season eight winner Tiffany Brooks' road to stardom.

  • Tiffany's HGTV Star Journey

    Tiffany Brooks is the season eight winner of HGTV Star and host of The Most Embarrassing Rooms in America. Check out Tiffany's most memorable moments of the season.

  • Tiffany Meets Her Competition

    Right before the first challenge, Tiffany met the nine other designers that would compete for the HGTV Star title.

  • Week One: Represent Your Style or Brand

    The designers' first challenge: Design a vignette representing their personal brands. They must also create an original textile to use in the space. Tiffany decides to create an office featuring classic pieces with a touch of funk. The judges were impressed by Tiffany's taste level and the overall space.

  • Showcasing Her Talents

    Tiffany adds a custom silhouette to almost every space she does. Here, it's perched atop her ikat-inspired custom wallpaper.

  • Week Two: Lofty Ideas

    For the second challenge the designers must turn this empty loft space into a beautiful, functional home with four distinct spaces: living, eating, sleeping and working. The twist? \"Because this challenge is about reimagining an old space, each of you must buy something vintage or secondhand and reimagine it in some way,\" David says.

  • Tiffany and Anne Plan Room Design

    Creative Brainstorming

    Anne and Tiffany team up to tackle the loft's sleeping space. The duo determines that the \"client\" is a rock-glam couple to keep all rooms in the loft cohesive.

  • Luxurious and Industrial Bedroom

    Warm tones, hardwood floors and exposed brick details are the perfect canvas for a dramatic, urban-chic bedroom. Anne and Tiffany agree that the bed should be the room's main statement piece. An oversized headboard and vintage, mirrored windows set apart the sleeping space.

  • Repurposed Sign Headboard in Loft Bedroom

    Repurposed Sign Turned Headboard

    For Tiffany's repurposed project, she uses a vintage sign as a non-traditional headboard with blue rope lighting behind.

  • David Bromstad With HGTV Star Contestants

    Week Three: One Client, Four Apartments

    For their third challenge, the designers have the opportunity to work with their first real clients. The designers are placed into teams of two. They are then able to interview the clients and draw up a design plan based on the couple's style and living needs.

  • Brooks and Tiffany Meet With Clients

    Tiffany and Brooks Meet With the Clients

    After discovering that the clients share a love of entertaining and that he rides a motorcycle and is into vintage style, Tiffany and Brooks hatch their design plan.

  • Unfinished Dining Room

    Before: A Blank Slate

    Each team's apartment contain the same open floor plan with a living room and dining room to makeover.

  • Eclectic Dining Room

    After: Neutral, Eclectic Space

    Tiffany and Brooks incorporate rustic and vintage pieces to create a neutral, eclectic living room.

  • Unconventional Wall Stripes

    After: Tiffany's Gallery Wall

    Tiffany's accessories and art gallery wall keeps the space from reading too masculine.

  • Eclectic Dining Room

    After: Ready for Entertaining

    Tiffany and Brooks create a more formal dining space featuring a crystal chandelier and upholstered dining chairs. A rustic dining table ties the living and dining spaces together.

  • HGTV Star Designers Brooks and Tiffany

    A Winning Apartment

    Tiffany and Brooks' creative collection of furnishings and vintage-meets-rustic theme paid off: Their space was the judges' top pick in the evaluation room and the couple's favorite space.

  • Designers With Host David Bromstad

    Week Four: Real People, Real Kitchens

    The six remaining designers must make over two real homeowner kitchens in just three days. Tiffany teams up with Boris and Jeribai to tackle Giovanna and Eric Lawrence's kitchen and dining room.

  • Jeribai, Boris and Tiffany Plan Kitchen Design

    An Efficient Design Plan

    After meeting with the homeowners, the team focuses on a design plan that will meet the family's needs. They desire a more efficient kitchen, along with a better space for family dinners.

  • Kitchen Before

    Before: Lifeless Kitchen

    All-white cabinets, walls and appliances paired with brown flooring and a brown table made for a drab, lifeless kitchen.

  • After: Chic and Family-Friendly

    The new kitchen shines with bright countertops, all-new wood cabinetry and a sparkling tile backsplash. The space creates the perfect mix of high-end design and family-friendly style. \"For a client who wants contemporary and traditional, they answered the call,\" HGTV Star judge Genevieve Gorder says.

  • Dining Room Before

    Before: Cold, Outdated Dining Room

    Before, the main focal point in the Lawrence's dining room was the outdated paneling.

  • Dining Room Design

    After: Warm and Inviting

    A warm gray color palette transforms this room into an inviting dining space. Tiffany was in love with her stainless steel dining table choice, but the judges think it's not exactly kid-friendly.

  • Dining Room Artwork and Fireplace

    After: Signature Gallery Wall

    When the design team arrived, the fireplace was painted a drab brown hue. All it needed was a coat of warm gray paint. And to make the fireplace wall more of a focal point, Tiffany creates this mini gallery wall.

  • Boris, Tiffany and Jeribai After Challenge

    A Well-Designed Space

    The judges all agreed this rock-star team created the top space from week four.

  • Week Five: Sorority vs. Fraternity

    Week five's challenge? The designers split into two groups to redesign the common rooms for the Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha sorority and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Calif.

  • It's Two Against Three

    Tiffany and Anne took on the sorority house common room. The sorority sisters request a sophisticated, comfortable room that's formal enough for alumni functions but casual enough for chapter meetings, group dinners and social events.

  • Working Out the Details

    For Tiffany's camera challenge she shows a sorority sister how to patch a hole. \"So far the panel loved my personality in my camera challenges, and now I have to bring content,\" she says.

  • Before: Mismatched Common Room

    The sisters used the Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha colors — red and white — to create this living room's design, but it lacked a cohesive design plan.

  • After: High-Class Gathering Space

    Anne and Tiffany reinterpreted the room's color scheme with soft gray, red-orange and cream to create a softer, more sophisticated space.

  • After: Cozy Living Room

    A new soft gray sectional sofa provides room for the sisters to settle in for meetings or movie night.

  • After: Tiffany's Fireplace Makeover

    This room's old fireplace jutted out into the room, taking up valuable square footage. Tiffany decides to remove the plaster facade and have the team's carpenter rebrick and add a mantel. The judges love the makeover, but wish Tiffany had added more finishing touches and accessories.

  • After: Whimsical Arrangements

    Tiffany repurposes beer mugs monogrammed with the sorority's Greek letters as whimsical vases for the room's dining space.

  • The Girls Get an A+

    Anne and Tiffany's sorority house was the judges' favorite space of the night, and the sisters couldn't believe the makeover when David revealed the new room to them.

  • Week Six: School Bus Makeovers

    The final four designers' week six task: Create a no-limits, creative space inside a school bus of their own. David's key advice? Don't play it safe.

  • Thinking Outside the \"Box\"

    As soon as Tiffany walks onto the bus, she is immediately inspired by children and her son's love of fairytales. \"I'm going to do a very dark rendition of the Mad Hatter's tea party,\" she says. \"I really need to prove to the panel that it's not just cute, functional, high-style spaces with me.\"

  • Adding Finishing Touches

    Tiffany lines the table with lots of greenery, glass terrariums and other foliage to add to the room's natural vibe.

  • After: Tiffany's Fairytale School Bus

    Tiffany painted her entire bus — including the windows — an emerald green hue to create an eerie mood. A long dining table outfitted with mismatched, vintage chairs helps to recreate the Victorian era portrayed in Alice in Wonderland.

  • After: Vintage, Storybook Accessories

    Vintage accessories that nod to the classic storyline, like this ticking alarm clock, line the table.

  • After: Painting White Roses

    As a nod to the Queen of Hearts, Tiffany creates her own \"painting the roses red\" moment. Tiffany's attention to detail impresses HGTV Star judge Genevieve Gorder: \"I haven't seen her do a lot of mismatched, vintage moments this season. She bowled me over,\" she says.

  • Week Seven: The Final Challenge

    The final three contestants, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai, prepare for their last HGTV Star challenge. They pack up and head to the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Palm Springs, Calif. where they'll each have three days to design a brand-new hotel suite.

  • Help From Former Competitors

    Former HGTV Star competitors come back to offer design help to each of the finalists. Boris and Tobin are on Team Tiffany.

  • A Visit From Surprise Mentors

    Jonathan and Drew Scott, hosts of HGTV's Property Brothers and the new show Brother Vs. Brother, will mentor the contestants as host David Bromstad joins the judging panel.

  • Tiffany's Design Plan

    Tiffany transforms her hotel suite into a Palm Springs-inspired space that she calls \"midcentury modern design meets contemporary current.\"

  • Tiffany Completes Her Final Space

    A strong camera challenge and a location-perfect design put Tiffany in a good position for the final evaluation and the title of HGTV Star.

  • Before: The Hotel Suite

    Each hotel suite featured completed construction, but was a blank slate.

  • After: Living Space

    Tiffany employs a playful color palette with a mix of sleek, midcentury pieces and more contemporary ones. She pairs the slab-style dining table with bright, mismatched chairs. The coordinated gallery wall features pop art prints designed by Palm Springs artists.

  • After: Sitting Area

    A plush rug, a tufted cocktail ottoman and a pair of low-slung Danish modern chairs make this prime relaxation real estate.

  • After: Chic Accessories

    Pops of bright metallics mixed with jewel tones add a touch of glam, California style.

  • After: Bedroom

    Since this space is designed for complete relaxation, Tiffany tones down the bedroom color palette to soft neutrals and sea-inspired hues.

  • After: Bedroom Details

    Tiffany layers a smaller jute rug on top of a plush area rug underneath the bed. Though the judges love the calming space overall, judge Sabrina Soto is skeptical of the jute rug by the bed. \"Who wants to get out of bed and step on jute?\" Sabrina says.

  • The Moment of Truth

    The judges and newly-minted panelist David Bromstad review all three designs and the camera challenges. Now, it's time to pick HGTV's newest star.

  • Tiffany's Winning Moment

    Her approachable camera persona, playful designs and rock-solid Star record made her the judges' choice.

  • Cheers, Tiffany!

    Tiffany's fellow contestants and judges salute her after the big win with Champagne. Welcome to the HGTV family, Tiffany!

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