HGTV's A-List Pets at Home: Hollywood Celebs and Their Pets

Get to know the privileged pets of Hollywood's celebs, including Aubrey O'Day's pampered canines Ginger and Mary Ann, and Kevin Schmidt's miniature pig, Yuma.

  • Aubrey O'Day and Friends

    Model and singer Aubrey O'Day's pampered pups, Ginger (left) and Mary Ann (right), live in a glamorous high-rise with their own bedroom and their own closets. Mary Ann, by the way, is a boy.

  • Pup Fashionista

    Ginger preps for a night on the town, selecting accessories from her extensive wardrobe.

  • Which Way Is the Pig Park?

    Host Ian Ziering visits with actor Kevin Schmidt and the two prepare to take two of Kevin's friends for a stroll around the neighborhood.

  • Yuma

    Yuma is a 30-pound Juliana micro-pig and friend to actor Kevin Schmidt, who has appeared on The Young and the Restless and Unnatural History. Yuma resides in Studio City, Calif., and shares her home with a tortoise named Oscar and two dogs, Jasper and Cissy. She has claimed the home's guest bedroom as her own.

  • Yuma in Training

    Yuma works with a professional trainer twice a week. She's currently preparing for auditions and a possible on-screen career in television and commercials.

  • Jasper

    Fourteen-year-old Jasper has only partially warmed up to the notion of sharing the house with a micro-pig.

  • Jasper in Repose

    Jasper has little interest in training or a career in television, and prefers a nap.

  • Ian, Sparky and Oscar

    Actor and host of A-List Pets at Home Ian Ziering sits with his two companions, Sparky and Oscar. The two canines share this midcentury-modern home in the Hollywood Hills with Ian, his wife, Erin, and their daughter, Mia.

  • Ian, Sparky and Oscar

    Sparky (on right, and getting drowsy) is a Golden Doodle — half golden retriever, half poodle.

  • Ian, Sparky and Oscar

    Oscar, despite being the one with the more diminutive size, is the alpha dog in the household.

  • Ian, Sparky and Oscar

    Sparky and Oscar know no bounds when it comes to the home's furniture. This overstuffed tiger-striped chair is one of their favorite places to hang out.

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