The White Room Challenge: Trip to the Salvage Yard

See the designs and behind-the-scenes photos from The White Room Challenge as four designers set out to transform their all-white rooms using a variety of unique, salvaged materials as their medium.

  • Repurposed Design

    \"One man's trash is another man's treasure,\" hinted host David Bromstad. For this white room challenge, the designers had to completely transform their all-white rooms — inside and out — by taking a trip to the in-studio salvage room to find all their supplies. The judges wanted creativity and a completely out-of-the-box design — who will bring it?

    Contestants from left: Leslie Landis, Monica Reese, Adam Scott, Zeinab Ghais

  • Guest Judge: Thom Filicia

    Renowned interior designer Thom Filicia joined David and Jamie Durie, host of The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie, on the judging panel for the salvaged materials design challenge.

  • Vision in Mind

    Adam immediately got to work in the salvage room by choosing instruments and larger pieces he could weld together to suit his overall concept. \"My vision for the space is sort of coming off the brass instruments. I really want to create a space for music and dance,\" he said.

  • Drawn to Antiquities

    While in the salvage room, Zeinab found herself at a loss for many of the objects she wanted, such as the instruments, hubcaps and the oversized tree — items the other designers nabbed before she could get there in time. She did, however, find a few gems that became prized pieces in her room that she was familiar with using. \"I use a lot of antique pieces mixed with ethnic antiquities, and I have a degree in furniture design, so I can build quite a bit,\" she said.

  • Reinventing Hubcaps

    Leslie was instantly drawn to the assortment of hubcaps when she entered the salvage room. She knew she wanted to create some sort of light fixture but wasn't quite sure how to fully execute her idea at first.

  • Critical Design Edits

    After talking to David halfway through the challenge, Adam decided to make some big edits to his design. He originally created a bar top as the focal point for his entire space, but it proved to not be as spectacular as he had imagined. So Adam edited the bar top to look liked a hearth and placed it below the room's showpiece: the steampunk music box.

  • Lighting Up the Space

    With only hours left, Leslie finally figured out how to bring light to her repurposed hubcap sculpture, the pinnacle of her entire room.

  • White Room Getaway

    Determined to create a \"mommy's retreat,\" Monica grabbed pieces from the salvage room that she could easily and comfortably reinvent in her space.

  • Spicing Up the Walls

    With few materials from the salvage room to fully express her '60s-meets-Indian-princess theme, Zeinab decided to add some bold orange Indian pattern work to the walls. \"If you're going to go with this Indian princess thing, then I want to see it over-the-top — it's all about indulgence and excess,\" David advised.

  • Adam's Finished Space: Music and Dance Room

    Adam's entire room was devoted to music and dance. He cleared out the excess furniture and even provided an open floor for dancing. Originally a bar top, the New Orleans hearth became an interesting focal point within the space with the help of the bold orange-and-white graphic. \"One of my favorites out of all of the rooms is the graphic that he designed,\" Thom said.

  • Smart Change to Make

    Originally, Adam had his steampunk music box on the left side of the room and the space felt unbalanced. With the music box being the most powerful component of the room, David felt it should be mounted wherever the visual graphic point ends. Adam's last-minute change went over well with the judges, who thought his overall concept was the most clever.

  • Monica's Finished Space: Mommy's Retreat

    \"I wanted to push the challenge as far as I possibly could, and I didn't want to use any of the conventional furniture that we could use — I wanted to make everything from the scraps that we were allowed to find,\" Monica said about her strategy in creating the retreat.

  • Whimsical Tree Bar

    All three judges loved Monica's inventive tree bar and the feeling it brought to the room. \"I love this organic movement of the tree, and I thought it would be so cool if I could juxtapose that to something very linear, and I thought it could even make this a cool bar,\" she said. \"I'm really depending on the shadows to paint my room.\" And with that, she let the tree branches work their magic on the walls, leaving them bare and natural.

  • Swing, Swing

    \"I've reinvented almost everything in this room,\" Monica said. Her greatest reinvention in the space, though, was the swing. She repurposed a heavy, rusty metal object into a cozy corner sitting area for one.

  • Zeinab's Finished Space: '60s Meets Indian Princess

    Inspired by colors from India, Zeinab created a warm and inviting living space full of painted pattern work and repurposed furnishings.

  • Wall Detail

    Originally, Zeinab had only painted the orange pattern on the left side of the room. But with smart advice from David, she quickly added some pattern work around mirrors on the back wall and right side of the room to feed into the \"indulgence and excess\" aspect of her Indian princess theme.

  • Furniture Skills Put to Use

    Zeinab came in with a degree in furniture design, so she decided to put that to use by constructing a brand-new coffee table from an ethnic antique piece and salvaged wood pieces.

  • Restyled Sofa

    To create an interesting textural element on the sofa, Zeinab laid a mesh layer on top and spray-painted over it. The judges were impressed by this and her overall concept, but they wanted to see a bit more Bollywood. \"I would have liked to have seen you push a little bit further and not have it be so conventional, but it's beautifully done,\" Thom said.

  • Leslie's Finished Space: Southwestern '80s Road Trip

    Inspired by her love of the open road, Leslie turned her blank canvas into a Southwestern-inspired dining space. She started by picking out a few essentials from the salvage room: wooden pallets, hubcaps and an assortment of dishware and accessories to really pull together her theme.

  • Clever Use for Pallets

    Leslie creatively repurposed wooden pallets into a rustic storage and display solution by turning them into wall-mounted bookshelves. For a decorative element, she added some eclectic stemware and pink-and-mint accessories to coordinate with her painted area rug.

  • Hint of Southwestern Style

    Leslie claimed that the only true bit of Southwestern style in the space was the painted area rug underneath the picnic table, which the judges thought was difficult to notice. David even questioned Leslie's need for the picnic table, which he didn't think suited the style. \"It doesn't fit literally into my theme, but when I saw it, it immediately reminded me of the open road and being at these rest stops,\" she said.

  • Hubcap Sculptural Art

    Leslie's greatest — but most rewarding — struggle in the challenge was constructing the hubcap sculptural fixture and figuring out how to make it light up. Once she did, however, it became her room's strongest design element, and the judges all agreed that it was an incredible eye-catching display. \"You're actually getting light filtering through some of the exteriors of those permeable disks, and the composition is flawless. It really is beautiful,\" Jamie said.

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