Our Yard Went Disney

In these jaw-dropping Disney-Parks-inspired makeovers, a playground for pirates or a train to Grandma's is just part of the fun.

Did Mickey Pass Through These Parts?

It's another awesome Disney-inspired makeover — this time, in the Williams' backyard. Cross the bridge and you come to a play structure that clearly indicates the Disney touch.

Setting the Stage

An archway built to look like the entrance at Disney's \"It's a Small World\" is covered with pictures of the Williams' family. The face on the front can be rotated.

It's Time to Play

A collection of clocks adorn a garden bed in the Williams' backyard.

Party Time

A teacup, ala Disney's Mad Tea Party ride, is ready to take the kids for a spin. Nearby, the table setting for the colorful furniture includes dishes hand-painted by the Williams kids.

Playground for Pirates

When your backyard backs up to a marshy waterway, you always run the risk of a pirate invasion. And now the Delaney kids can defend their turf and do battle in this awesome play area. Look out for the water cannons that surround the slash pool!

Ahoy, Mates!

There are lookout posts aplenty in this pirates' playground.

Beautiful View

While the pirates are at play, the adults can comfortably supervise from the patio.

TV Time

When the young pirates are ready for a break, they can pull up a barrel and watch a movie.

Mushroom and Umbrella Decor on My Yard Goes Disney

Mushrooms become chairs and tables when the My Yard Goes Disney team transforms the Bradburns' neglected backyard into the perfect spot for fun and relaxing. The yard also includes 200 feet of railroad track and giant sunflowers to honor special family memories.

The My Yard Goes Disney team also renovated the studios of Radio Disney. For more info, go to RadioDisney.com.

Yard Train Station on HGTV My Yard Goes Disney 101

A hand-powered train waits at Grandma's Station for the children whose empty backyard is now filled with customized fun inspired by their favorite Disney adventures. The featured attraction of this My Yard Goes Disney transformation is a railroad track that connects the kids' yard to Grandma's next door.

Sunflower Yard Art on HGTV My Yard Goes Disney

The centers of these giant sunflowers are filled with special memories for the Bradburn family. The My Yard Goes Disney team used the flowers to help transform this backyard into a place that's perfect for magical family fun.

Track Track Landscape on HGTV My Yard Goes Disney

Now the Bradburn kids can take the train to Grandma's house next door.

Birdcage Swing on HGTV My Yard Goes Disney 101

Inside the giant white birdcage is a swing that's big enough for the whole Bradburn family to enjoy.

Tea Kettle Playhouse on HGTV My Yard Goes Disney

A giant purple tea kettle turned on its side becomes a special place for a little girl. Inside there's plenty of space for relaxing, and outside there's a table and tea set for enjoying with friends and family.

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