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Matthew Haly

Learn more about Matthew Haly, a licensed contractor and carpenter on HGTV's Run My Makeover.

Matthew Haly, a licensed contractor and carpenter on HGTV’s Run My Makeover, began using his father’s tools by age 8. While growing up in Hamilton, New Zealand, Matthew learned the skills of roofing, masonry, carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, electrical — even sheep shearing — as he assisted and learned from his father and every tradesman hired to the “Haly Homestead.”

As a teen, Matthew had his first encounter with interior design as an employee of an upholstery studio. Since then, Matthew has traveled and worked across the globe within the design world in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. In 2000, Matthew opened his own atelier in New York City which specializes in interior design.

In 2008, Matthew released his first book, Matthew Haly’s Book of Upholstery, a step-by-step primer on upholstery projects, including design tips and techniques.

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