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Cindy Stumpo

Learn more about Cindy Stumpo, of Tough As Nails.

Cindy Stumpo, star of HGTV’s Tough As Nails, is one of the most successful residential contractors in Massachusetts. Known for building high-end, multimillion-dollar luxury homes, Cindy is a strong, independent woman who has made a name for herself during her 18-year career by being tough as nails in a field known for its male bravado and wise-guy antics.

At age 23, Cindy decided to pursue a career in construction after her father warned her that “girls don’t build houses.” Compelled to prove her dad wrong, Cindy soon passed the general contractors test and founded the C. Stumpo Development company.

In the beginning, Cindy and her team remodeled condos and small properties. Within just a few years, the company began building high-end custom homes worth millions and winning business awards — including "Builder of the Year." Today, Cindy still enjoys running the day-to-day operations of her thriving business and visiting job sites to ensure the guys building the houses are doing things her way.

Cindy resides in Boston with her daughter and son.

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