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Kristin Wells

Learn more about Kristin Wells, host of Smart Fix.

Kristin Wells, host and contractor on HGTV's Smart Fix, was introduced to the world of carpentry at a young age. Her father’s knack for fixing things and watching HGTV programming piqued her interest in home layout and design. Kristin soon began working with local builders to get hands-on experience with home repairs and renovations. Eager to put her building and design skills to use, Kristin formed a construction company in 2003 where she worked with clients on all aspects of home remodeling.

With an expertise in several areas of construction and design — such as framing, drywall and tile work — Kristin is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Prior to joining HGTV’s Smart Fix, Kristin was featured in another television series, Homemakers, in which she renovated a 100-year-old home.

Kristin resides in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband, Chris, and daughter, Vievey.

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