During and After Front Yard Photos: The Duvernay Family

In the final episode of HGTV's $250,000 Challenge, contestants Fabian and Lisa Duvernay update their landscape with tiered gardens, slate tiles on the front porch, tropical plantings and a stucco finish for the front façade.

  • Mossy green or vibrant gold? Lisa spreads out color swatches to choose a palette for her home.
  • Carpenter Brooks Utley mixes mortar for the slate tiles.
  • The Duvernays decided to remove all old plantings and grass. Brooks cuts away at old root stock before planting a new palm.
  • A landscaping assistant positions a palm tree in the new, tiered landscape bed.
  • The Duvernays share their landscaping plan with guest judge Carter Oosterhouse.
  • Lisa and Fabian lay down sod in the front yard.
  • Fabian finds the perfect spot to plant a landscape aloe.
  • New privacy fencing is unloaded from the delivery truck.
  • Fabian positions landscape rocks in the front yard.
  • Carpenters put the finishing touches on the stucco while Brooks refinishes the driveway.
  • The paved walkway is cleaned and sprayed down for the judges’ walk-through.
  • Fabian applies a rich stain to the window shutters.
  • The deck and walkway were dried by hand just minutes before challenge’s end.
  • Fabian extends his thanks to Brooks for a job well done.
  • The Duvernays appear victorious after making dramatic changes to their landscape design.
  • Lisa debated between exterior paint colors before choosing a vibrant shade of gold.
  • Palm trees and tropical plantings hallmark the tiered landscape design.
  • Pebbles and stone pavers are used in place of traditional mulch or tan bark.
  • Judges criticized the team’s decision to mix tropical with traditional plantings.
  • Stained shutters and a soothing shade of gold on the stucco make the home’s front façade pop.
  • Slate tile creates a sophisticated front entry.
  • Front porch furnishings allow the Duvernays to sit, relax and watch their daughters ride their bikes.
  • A second seating area on the front porch creates a cozy nook.
  • Crisp, white tulips stand out against a backdrop of tropical plantings.
  • A stone water feature serves as the front yard’s focal point.
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