The Winning Designs From HGTV Showdown Season 2

Catch up with the winning designs from the second season of HGTV Showdown.

  • Episode 201: The Winning Family Room Design: Design team Genevieve Gorder and Carter Oosterhouse won homeowners Joseph and Clair Koroma's vote by creating two seating areas and an attractive built-in entertainment center. The room's style is cozy yet streamlined, perfectly suiting Joseph and Clair's taste.
  • Episode 202: The Winning Master Bedroom Design: Team Taniya Nayak and Steve Watson wowed homeowners Daryl and Marcel Fingers with dramatic and unexpected touches like extending the room's dark bamboo flooring onto the walls and a custom-made, showstopping red headboard.
  • Episode 203: The Winning Playroom Design: Designers Kim Myles and Matt Locke won over homeowners Matt and Katie Bodell by creating an imaginative space for kiddie creativity. The girls, Abby and Hannah, have their very own raised stage complete with a kid-scale piano. Mom and Dad will never miss a performance in their comfy front-row seats.
  • Episode 204: Curb Appeal Winning Design: Team Chip Wade and Lauren Lake impressed homeowner Mike Pettit by keeping their design true to his home's Spanish style. They warmed up the facade with sunny gold paint and added terra-cotta headers above the windows. Windowboxes filled with colorful plants and a wicker chair and ottoman complete the relaxed and welcoming design. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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