During and After Photos: The Duvernay Family

In the first episode of HGTV's $250,000 Challenge, contestants Fabian and Lisa Duvernay transform their family room into a contemporary, clean-lined space that’s ideal for family gatherings, including movie or karaoke night.

  • Lisa details plans for sectioning off the family room to guest designer Kim Myles.
  • Lisa is all smiles as she prepares to paint the walls in a palette of mocha tones.
  • Carpenter Brooks Utley helps the Duvernays with projects that will pull the family room makeover together.
  • Carpenter Brooks Utley mixes the wall paint.
  • Lisa applies a fresh coat of paint to the storage cabinet, which was repurposed from an oversized entertainment center.
  • Lisa sorts clutter from family treasures before redecorating the new and improved family center.
  • After the paint has dried, Lisa places storage cabinet drawers back in position.
  • Lisa reviews the list of last-minute details that must be squared away before the family room makeover is complete.
  • Fabian gathers the framed family photos and takes wall measurements for the grouping that will serve as a focal point above the fireplace.
  • As a finishing detail, the Duvernays display a grouping of family photos as wall art.
  • Fabian replaces books in a shelf that was repurposed from the oversized entertainment center.
  • The Durvernays created a sophisticated family room that features separate gathering areas for entertaining and cozy conversation by the fireside.
  • A conversation area overlooks the backyard pool.
  • A casual sofa paired with a leather ottoman keeps the space from feeling too formal.
  • Guest designer Kim Myles gave the repurposing project her thumbs up. The Durvernays were the only team to create two new decor items from one.
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