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Celebrate Earth Day With HGTV

Check out our lineup of specially selected programs highlighting the sustainable, environmentally conscious, conservation-minded and eco-friendly.

Red Hot and Green Episode 110
A Bedroom Reinvented. Alyse and Danny's home has great style and personality, but their master bedroom is plain and boring. Carter and Nicole breathe new life and a sense of romance into the space with a four-poster bed that Carter made out of reclaimed wood and curtains from a local hotel found at a salvage store. They also create a reading nook and add a French writing desk, also a reclaimed piece. With accessories, old books and original art, the result is a dramatic and tranquil retreat.

Landscape Smart Episode 1902
Environmentally Friendly Backyard. Eco-minded homeowners Bruce and Lisa love the great outdoors but not their backyard. Landscape designer Andrea Wedul transforms the space into a fun zone ready for barbecue parties and bocce ball while keeping it environmentally friendly.

Gardening By the Yard Episode 1809
Organic Goodness, Making a Lawn Happy. Host Paul James visits a farmers' market bustling with locally grown organic goodness. Then he answers some of the toughest lawn questions and provides ideas on mixing things up and adding layers of nutrition to make a happy lawn.

Ground Breakers Episode 1211
Welcoming the Wilderness. A formal yard that borders a natural preserve gets a makeover when it is transformed into a more natural landscape, complete with native plantings and waterfalls.

Superscapes Episode 110
Lake Tahoe Style Inspires This Outdoor Entertainment Space. Julia and Garrett grew up taking vacations in Lake Tahoe. Now they want an old Tahoe feel in their backyard for themselves and their three kids. Host and landscape designer Gary Gragg builds a playhouse styled after a mountain warming hut, an outdoor movie theater, a slide reclaimed from found materials and a stone fire pit.

Extreme Living Episode 107
Terrific Tree House. A triangular house that is sandwiched between an airport and an interstate is peaceful, cozy, and sound-resistant! Then tour a home of the future that is actually morphed out of living, breathing trees.

Extreme Living Episode 104
Steel Fin House and Underground Dome Home. The Kutcher Steel Fin House is built on top of a 100-foot-long granite boulder along the rocky coast of Nova Scotia. Al Schwarz's DIY project is an underground dome home in Texas.

Pure Design Episode 105
Modern Multi-Use Room. Marketing executives Kristen and Dave bought their modest first home a few years ago and undertook the much-needed renovations themselves. They did a great job removing walls and installing a new kitchen but then ran out of steam. Now they've asked for designer Samantha Pynn's expertise in pulling their open kitchen/dining/living room together and creating the beautiful, modern space that they'd envisioned.

Pure Design Episode 106
Reading, Writing and Romance. Building a dream home was easy for Ania and Walter, but the hard work was deciding how to decorate their vast master bedroom. By dividing then unifying the space, designer Samantha Pynn transforms this bare-bones bedroom into a sophisticated boudoir, with a luxurious eco-friendly bed that's a haven for reading, writing and romance.

Special Presentation: 20 Ways Your Home Can Save the Planet
Host Chi-Lan Lieu leads a one-hour tour through some of the most environmentally friendly homes on the planet, going room by room to discover how folks have done their part to make the world a better place. Find out how to make your home gorgeous, as well as green, and not break the bank.

House Hunters Episode 12A
Going Green in Portland. After 11 years of renting with roommates, Karen Heilesen is ready to own a home of her own. Searching in Corvallis and Portland, Ore., she seeks co-housing with people from all ages and walks of life, shared electricity, energy-efficient construction and open communal space for gatherings. Additionally, she'd like a home with a modern kitchen, an open layout and a small yard. Finding all of these things within a $250,000 budget may be a challenge, so she's enlisted the help of realtor Abe Drabkin who specializes in co-housing projects in the Portland area.

House Hunters Episode 12A2
Going Green in Davis, CA. For the past two years, Kate Burwinkel and Joe Liszewski have rented a cramped one-bedroom loft in the college town of Davis, Calif. The future newlyweds have their hearts set on buying a modern home with a lot more space, complete with three bedrooms, at least two bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. Their wish list also includes Earth-friendly features, such as a garden, solar energy panels, recycled glass countertops, dual flush toilets, a tankless water heater and energy-efficient windows. They have a budget of $350,000, know exactly what they're looking for and have asked real estate agent Joanna Greenly to help them find it.

Designed to Sell Episode 2A04
Green Changes. In Chicago, host Monica Pedersen gives an urban loft a green makeover so it will appeal to eco-friendly buyers.

Designed to Sell Episode 2A03
Green Makeover. In Atlanta, the Designed to Sell team gives a house a green makeover with recycled countertops and reclaimed wood.

Carter Can Episode 403
Patio Oasis in the Desert. Fred and Denise White need the perfect yard to entertain and raise the son they are adopting. Carter and team create brick pavers patio, a relaxation pergola with day beds, grill area, bamboo walls and a synthetic lawn creating an oasis in the desert.

Carter Can Episode 406
A Kitchen Sizzles With Vintage Style. The Jungs' kitchen is falling apart and has become quite unappetizing. Host Carter Oosterhouse cooks up a new kitchen for them with new flooring, refaced cabinets, vintage appliances, new glass counters, new storage options and vintage style -- creating the perfect recipe for new family traditions.

Special Presentation: HGTV Green Home 2009
The Grandest Green Giveaway Ever. From beautiful Port St. Lucie, Fla., host Carter Oosterhouse (of HGTV's Carter Can) explores every room in this eco-friendly home that will be awarded to one lucky viewer. HGTV house planner Jack Thomasson and interior designer Linda Woodrum are on hand to tell the story of how they chose this beautiful location and made the decorating decisions that complete this stunning home. Additionally, guest designer Sabrina Soto (of HGTV's Get It Sold) created a bold and bright children's room, and Food Network's Sandra Lee stops by to share her favorite green kitchen essentials.

Think Green for Earth Day

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