HGTV Showdown Photos: Battle of the Designed to Sell Teams

Designers Taniya Nayak and John Gidding go head-to-head to see who can come up with the best makeover for a color-challenged master bedroom.

  • Before: Marcel and Daryl Fingers' master bedroom needs major help! The colors clash, and the furniture is awkwardly arranged. They would like their new made-over space to have a contemporary style fused with Asian flair, and two Designed to Sell experts are set to see who can do it best. John Gidding pairs with carpenter James Lunday to go up against Taniya Nayak and carpenter Steve Hanneman.
  • Taniya and Steve get right down to business as the four-hour design clock starts ticking on their bedroom redesign project.
  • James and John get busy selecting products to use in their room redo.
  • Taniya playfully wipes Steve's brow as he takes a break to discuss the bedroom redesign progress with host Jamie and the homeowners.
  • Taniya gets a kick out of James and Steve joking around on the set.
  • After - Runner-up: John Gidding and James Lunday's take on the "cont-Asian" retreat-style bedroom that the Fingers requested features a platform bed, separate cozy seating area and calm yet bold colors. What do you like about this design? Tell us on our blog.
  • Cozy Asian-style slippers at the foot of the platform bed James built bring a touch of the spa into John and James's room.
  • One of the Fingers' requests for their new bedroom was to have a place for the two of them to sit and chat. John and James set up these floor cushions and mini table at the foot of the bed to fill that need.
  • Homeowners Daryl and Marcel Fingers, Steve and Taniya celebrate their victory in the bedroom makeover challenge.
  • After - The Winning Design: The Fingers felt Taniya and Steve nailed it with their dramatic design touches, including dark bamboo flooring that extends up the wall, an elegant leather couch, and a bright-red custom headboard. Share your thoughts about this design on our blog.
  • The contemporary brushed-nickel chandelier above the bed provides a beautiful contrast to the cushy red headboard.
  • Asian-style nightstands are cleverly built into the headboard surround on each side of the bed.
  • Host Jamie Durie joins the group as homeowner Daryl Fingers tells Taniya how thrilled he and his wife, Marcel (far right), are with the design plan she and Steve created for their bedroom. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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