HGTV Showdown Pics: Battle of the Design Stars

Round 2 of our design competition has Kim Myles and Matt Locke facing off with Jennifer Bertrand and Todd Davis for a kids' room makeover that would make mom proud.

  • Before: Katie and Matt Bodell's daughters' playroom is nicely sized, but it doesn't function well and stays cluttered. In the HGTV Battle of the Design Stars episode, Kim Myles teams up with carpenter Matt Locke against Jennifer Bertrand and Todd Davis to see who can create the most dazzling kid-friendly space for the Bodells in just four hours.
  • Host Jamie Durie (far left) listens in while homeowners Matt and Katie Bodell discuss the design strategy with Matt Locke and Kim Myles.
  • Jen tries to sketch out Todd's vision on paper.
  • Todd and Matt have words atop the supply shelves, while Jen and Kim wait below.
  • Host Jamie Durie breaks Todd's concentration with a surprise visit.
  • After Runner-up: Jen and Todd's room features raspberry-colored paint, complete with a vibrant wall mural of magnetic paint so the girls can stick things to it. A tent folds out from the wall and also acts as a window treatment. The carpet tiles are a practical choice for a kids' room as they can easily be removed and cleaned. Comment on the design on our blog.
  • Matt Bodell and Todd have a little fun with the girls' new instruments.
  • The activity area includes a desk for each of the girls, several fun dresses and a wall-mounted mirror so they can see how fabulous they look in their new duds.
  • Hannah and Abby's closet has plenty of storage space, including colorful pullout baskets and bins at just their height for easy access.
  • In the end, it's Matt and Kim who prevail in round 2.
  • The After Winning Design: Kim and Matt's design has a theater-style look, complete with a mini piano on the wall-to-wall stage and seating for Mom and Dad to watch performances. There's also a framed area on the wall where the girls can color on roll-down butcher paper (left) and a chalkboard on the right. What do you think about their room? Tell us!
  • The activity center features pullout seating so all four family members can interact. This view shows additional storage bins underneath the stage.
  • Multiple cubbies offer ample storage space although Mom and Dad may have to help get a few things down. The chalkboard at right is a great way for the girls to foster their creativity. They can draw right on the wall.
  • Abby and Hannah join parents Katie and Matt Bodell on the set for the confetti-filled celebration. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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