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Jared Walker Dostie

Learn more about Jared Walker Dostie, carpenter on Rate My Space.

Growing up in Maine in a family filled with carpenters and builders, Jared Walker Dostie began building treehouses at age seven. At 19, Jared, a self-proclaimed movie fanatic, moved to Los Angeles in search of warmer weather and a chance to study acting.

After arriving on the West Coast, Jared began getting modeling work and a few small acting parts. As a model, Jared traveled the world, visiting Japan, Germany and South Africa, where he developed an insatiable craving for architecture and design.

Going back to his roots as a carpenter, Jared found his passion for building and design and soon realized a successful career in home renovations and remodels. He gained a reputation for doing construction projects with an emphasis on aesthetic and a willingness to involve the homeowner in the process. Now, as a carpenter for HGTV’s Rate My Space, Jared enjoys the perfect combination of his love of carpentry with his on-camera experience.

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