HGTV Showdown Photos: Battle of the Designer Mixed Doubles

Genevieve Gorder and Carter Oosterhouse take on Monica Pedersen and Eric Stromer to see who can best redesign a couple's living room.

  • Before: Clair and Joseph Koroma's family room lacks color, style and a common theme. And they can't agree on what they like: She wants cozy, and he wants modern She wants the focus to be about conversation, and he wants it to be about watching TV. Designer Genevieve Gorder and carpenter Carter Oosterhouse challenge designer Monica Pedersen and carpenter Eric Stromer to see who can establish their design dominance in a four-hour makeover of this space.
  • The pros head for the Showdown set to get started on their redesigns. Eric Stromer and Monica Pedersen, at left, will face off against Genevieve Gorder and Carter Oosterhouse.
  • Monica and Eric listen intently.
  • After Runner-Up: Monica Pedersen and Eric Stromer's room features purple sofas and drapes as well as a big-screen TV, all elements that Joseph wanted. The photo collages double as sliding art panels that cover the TV when it's not in use. Clair likes that feature as she did not want a TV to be the focal point. They both like the built-in shelving units that provide ample room for the family's things. What do you think about this design? Tell us about it on our blog.
  • Monica describes the design to homeowners Clair and Joseph Koroma.
  • Genevieve and Carter find out they won!
  • The After Winning Design: The Koromas love what Genevieve and Carter did with the space, especially the versatility that the separate seating areas provide. They're cozy enough for Clair but streamlined enough for Joseph, and the masculine yet elegant chandelier combines their dueling design styles perfectly. Tell us which design you like best, and see if others agree with you.
  • Carter and Genevieve celebrate their victory.
  • Genevieve, left, Monica and Clair Koroma join in a group hug. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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