Before-and-After Makeovers From The Unsellables

Amazing makeovers from home pros get these places market ready.

  • The twin beds and bright pink paint are likely to prevent potential buyers from envisioning how they could use the space in this bedroom.
  • Removing one of the twin beds, putting in smaller furniture pieces and painting the room a soft, neutral green makes the room look larger and more inviting.
  • The large furniture pieces and amount of clutter make this bedroom look smaller than it is, and the exposed pipe in the corner creates a cold, industrial feel.
  • Now this room boasts a nice, light color, the waste pipe in the corner has been cleverly concealed, and the existing bed has been spruced up with new linens. Neutralizing rooms in a home that's on the market helps potential buyers better envision their items there.
  • This room is clearly customized for the child who lives in it, complete with the pink wall color and stencils, stuffed animals and the covered window, blocking out the natural light.
  • Now the space doesn't scream "kids' room." The walls are a soothing neutral color, the bed has fresh, more subtle linens, and the window lets in beautiful, natural lighting.
  • The bright pink walls in this living room are likely to scare potential buyers away. Making matters worse are the dated table and oversized accessories.
  • A fresh coat of neutral paint, parallel wall mirrors and smaller decorative touches make this living area seem bigger and brighter. The small furniture pieces accentuate the space, rather than taking it over.
  • The bright-blue wall treatment in this living room, combined with the super-dated, mismatched furniture and accessories, is enough to scare potential buyers away.
  • Fresh buttery wall paint and a better furniture arrangement make all the difference in this living area. The television is no longer in front of the sliding glass doors, which allows in wonderful natural light. The furniture features new neutral slipcovers and is now facing the room's main attraction, the fireplace. A few modern fixtures provide finishing touches.
  • This master bedroom is a wreck. The linens don't match, there are various pieces of clothing strewn about, and the TV and storage unit across from the bed make the room feel smaller than it is.
  • Now the space is grown-up and stylish, too. Luxurious new bedding, an inexpensively built custom headboard and matching end-table lamps are the crowning touches. A new his-and-hers built-in unit on the wall across from the bed replaces the clunky storage unit from before and provides valuable storage space.
  • None of the furniture pieces go together in this dining room, especially the out-of-place, bulky stereo components. In addition, the lace curtains and religious artwork are too depersonalized for a home that's on the market.
  • A new coat of fresh yellow paint adds much-needed warmth to the room, and more updated table and chairs bring it up to date. A new piece of art and some greenery add just the right finishing touches. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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