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Maureen Powers

Learn more about Maureen Powers of The Stagers.

Maureen Powers, a designer on HGTV’s The Stagers, has been a sustainable design pioneer throughout her 30-year career as an interior designer. In 1992, she founded her first environmental design firm in Oregon, where her work earned her the Women of Vision in Architecture Award and the prestigious U.S. President Sustainability Award in Education and Youth. Later, Maureen moved to Georgetown, Cayman Islands, where she developed green policies for the hotel and tourism industry, and ran a feng shui design store and consulting practice.

Over the years, Maureen has taught courses for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and schools of naturopathic medicine. She also has been involved in the development of eco-building and environmental programs. Maureen now resides in Vancouver, where she runs a design firm with her business partner and daughter, Bridget Savereux. Together, they design residential and commercial properties for clients across North America.

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