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Robert North

Learn more about Robert North of Designed to Sell.

Chicago native Robert North is a husband and father of four who began to acquire the attributes that would shape his future at the age of 17, when he joined the United States Marine Corps. He spent four years in the infantry, serving as a light armored vehicle crewman, a heavy machine gunner and a reconnaissance scout. Through his service, he learned the true meaning of hard work, perseverance and teamwork.

After his enlistment, Robert took a temporary construction job while waiting to join the police department. He discovered he had a knack for building and enjoyed the intensity of residential and commercial construction. With an offer of a carpentry apprenticeship, he changed career paths and ultimately became a union journeyman carpenter, building every thing from houses to hospitals.

Robert is one of the founding members of the Designed to Sell cast and has branched out with fellow carpenter Chad Lopez to design and build custom cabinetry and furniture. He also studies acting and has appeared in several independent and major motion pictures.

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