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Adam Berlin

Learn more about Adam Berlin, host of Sweat Equity.

Hosting Sweat Equity is Adam Berlin's first foray into the world of television. For more than 15 years, Adam has been in the construction and remodeling business. He got started in the industry by painting houses, and worked his way into home repairs and remodels as a means to pay for college. But even after earning a degree in education, home remodeling continued to call out to Adam, and he soon devoted himself to starting his own home remodeling business. Adam's focus today is on kitchens and bathrooms, with a special focus on tile work. Adam also works closely with realtors and homeowners to maximize home value.

As an educator and host of Sweat Equity, Adam hopes to continue making a difference for those interested in tackling their own home improvement projects. In his spare time, Adam enjoys many outdoor activities including skiing, hunting, kayaking and camping.

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