Design for Your Family From Design Star 3 Challenge

In Design Star 3, Jennifer, Matt and Trish head to their hometowns for a very personal challenge: designing spaces for their families.

Bring Function and Design

Of all of the room transformations this week, Matt’s room was the most difficult in terms of issues to resolve. Because of the need to preserve — and hide — a generous amount of storage, a sink area and a large piece of equipment, Matt has to contend with creating a dramatic and beautiful space while maintaining functionality. True to form, Matt again comes up with some innovative solutions that turn his challenges into winners. By creating a television/media wall in this room, and putting it on casters, the large piece of equipment in this space can still be accessed when needed without having to be consistently viewed. A bold sweep of drapery, in a similar tone to the wall color, hides storage and the sink area, allowing the rest of the room to be outfitted with seating.

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