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  • Jennifer employs bright yellow walls with abstract floral motifs outlined in dark blue suggest the painted pottery that Italy is so famous for, while the rustic finish on the coffee table subtly suggests the Italian countryside.
  • Matt pulls together all of his pieces to form one large central object, however, the object is devoid of character or personality and has little detail or richness of textures that Thailand is known for.
  • Michael chooses to employ very strong horizontal lines that give the room an architectural edge, whereas Spain is most often associated with Moorish-style architecture and a curvilinear approach of famous structures.
  • The inventive use of square upholstered seating pushed together in the middle makes a clean, minimalist statement without dominating Matt's transformation.
  • By employing high contrast with white furnishings and accessories against black walls, Stephanie showcases the importance of contrast to make powerful statements in big and graphic ways.
  • Tracee added a bed that resembles a gondola, an organic cut-out that resembles an antique mirror and a representation of a chandelier-like element which come together to give the room an interesting two-dimensional feel.
  • Trish has the right balance of textural and smooth, contrasting a floor that resembles worn slate, a bamboo coffee table and textured fabric on her upholstery with perfectly graphic walls. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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