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Mike Nelson

Meet Mike Nelson, host of HGTV's House Detective.

Mike Nelson has been working on houses, cars, motorcycles, you name it for as long as he can remember. His favorite tool? Definitely the blowtorch! It's probably in his genes since his dad is an industrial roofer. Currently he is also the co-host of the "Sarah & No Name" morning show on Alice Radio 97.3 in the San Francisco Bay area, the number-one rated morning entertainment show in the Bay Area, attracting over 400,000 listeners. He is also the star of the late-night television version of the radio show.

Mike has hosted Boiling Points on MTV and was the voice of Chuck the Pit Boss in the hit Pixar animated film Cars. He is a drummer in his band, The Flames, and an avid car and motorcycle mechanic.

Mike lives in San Francisco with his wife and two young sons.

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