Wayne Newton's Guesthouse From Design Star Challenge 5

In week five of Design Star, the final four contestants are given the challenge of designing a guesthouse for Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. Judge and designer Vern Yip gives tips for how to be a design star in your own home.

  • Todd and Will were challenged with the large window and stone fireplace due to the proportions of the living room.
  • With a new flat-screen television mounted to the wall opposite the window, the new platform allows the seating to face the television, fireplace or window.
  • Adding the dining table and chairs into the space was a wonderful way to give the room more function.
  • The stone work in the kitchen area dominates the space and should be a springboard for color and material selection.
  • Careful planning is a must, the green tile seems completely misplaced and moving the wall oven to the peninsula awkwardly places it next to the sink.
  • A broader selection of items with a little more variance would have warmed up the place and helped to add some character.
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