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Robb Mariani

Robb Mariani is a designer on season two of Design Star. He loves 18-wheeled trucks and big rigs. A former video game designer, Mariani now works as a creative design specialist.

Name: Robb Mariani

Show Canceled: Challenge 5

Age: 39

Home: Orlando, Florida

Profession: Creative Design Specialist

Education: Studied graphic design for three years at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Why I should win: That is not up to me. I can only compete with my skills. My portfolio has gotten me into the final 11 — now I will try and win.

A designer's best friend: The world around us and an open mind.

My secret weapon: My passion.

My design style boils down to: No rules, lots of geometry.

Three favorite styles:
1. Modern
2. Avant-garde
3. Bauhaus

A design do: Proper use of scale.

A design don't: Improper use of scale.

Favorite designers: Doug Wilson and Chris Lowell.

If I weren't a designer, I'd be: A truck driver.

Favorite room to design: Living/family room.

Dream design project: A modern living room with a huge budget.

What area of design are you strongest: Incorporating lighting into a space for little money. Improvising and finding new ways to use old things.

Formal design training: None — trial and error. I have a diverse background including video game design.

I'm passionate about: Music, old diesel trucks and film.

Family: I'm the middle of seven kids.

What I'm reading now: An encyclopedia of commercial vehicles.

When not working, I'm: Cruising around on iTunes, working on my design content.

Childhood dream: To become a professional trucker.

My dream vacation: Visiting the world's largest truck junkyard for old big rigs.

Four words that describe me: Passionate, determined, fun and private.

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